Long pandemic no see! I submitted two proposals for SRECon 20 Asia which was supposed to happen in Australia. One talk got selected. But instead of the conference, COVID-19 happened. The conference was delayed at first and ultimately cancelled. Comes 2021 and now the conference is arranged in virtual format. I submit the selected talk again, under MLOps section and it got selected again.

The talk describes the approach to detect application hotspots our team developed in collaboration with the ML team.

Leveraging ML to Detect Application HotSpots [@scale, of Course!]

The talk’s description looked something like:

This talk will explore various analyses done on service latency metrics and their correlation, while LinkedIn’s data-center is under a stress test. Note: you do not need to be a machine learning expert to make sense of this talk. We will not be diving deeper into the mathematics part of it but would rather focus on the approach.

Slides and Recording