Two Highschool friends started hacking around computers in the mid-’10s, the era of Yahoo Messenger, Windows Vista, 512MB RAM and Java-Enabled phones. Started from TipToGeek.com and now we are here for a fresh start.

This is Parth. R&D software engineer at Keysight. Works on drivers, software plumbing, p4, and Kubernetes. Can be found playing with p4, Go, gRPC, and C++. Good with FPGA, low level system code, and all the hardware level stuff. Learned ASIC/FPGA design at university. Tries NodeJS but prefers pure JavaScript on Chrome DevConsol.

More on me at GitHub:@parthpower or personal blog:parthpower.github.io. Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

This is Sanket. Claiming himself to be a superuser but still looks at command twice before hitting enter. An SRE. Linux Enthusiast. Ex Battlefield player. Python lover.

More on me at sanket.plus


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